City University Schools


The Influence1 Foundation is the lead sponsor for City University Schools, a network of open-enrollment college preparatory schools established under Tennessee charter school laws in under-resourced communities throughout the state.

Since its founding in 2004, City University Schools strives to meet the need of public education as well as the demand for alternative institutions committed to post-secondary preparation.

Each school operates on the principles of providing a valuable, well-rounded academic experience through the support of a diverse and dedicated group of qualified educators and administrative staff, an extended school year and rigorous college preparatory curriculum.

Schools Overview

City University School of Liberal Arts

  • College preparatory charter high school with a liberal arts core curriculum
  • 9th – 12th grade
  • Founded in 2004
  • Amassed more than $35 million in scholarships
  • Contributed over 60,000 community service hours to the City of Memphis
  • Maintained a 100% college acceptance rate for each graduating class


City University School Boys Preparatory

  • Tennessee’s first public charter middle school for boys
  • 6th–8th grade
  • Founded in 2009


City University School Girls Preparatory

  • Memphis’ first public charter middle school for girls
  • 6th–8th grade
  • Founded in 2013


City University School of Independence

  • College preparatory high school with an emphasis on educating independent thinkers and developing community leaders
  • 9th–12th grade
  • Founded in 2014